Music Recommendation: Josh Rosen — “When Loving Me is Hard”


Music: “When Loving Me is Hard”

Artist: Josh Resen

Artist Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Info: “Great song. Immediately likable” — Bruce

Released September 25, 2020 
Tom Yankton — Lead Vocals and Guitars 
Victor Brodén — Bass 
Lee Kelley — Drums 
Hollie Hammel — Background Vocals
Michelle Brooke — Background Vocals 
Josh Rosen — Keys 

Written, Arranged, and Produced by Josh Rosen 

Engineered by Wes Little and Kenny Varga 
Mixed by Kenny Varga 
Recorded at Coop Deville Studios in Nashville, TN

Price: $1 (USD) for track

Genre: Pop. Rock.


Josh Rosen on Bandcamp

“When Loving Me is Hard”

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