My Beatles Birthday

Annette Rochelle Aben

One of my favorite songs is the Lennon/McCartney classic When I’m Sixty Four!

And it is especially poignant this year, as this IS my 64th birthday! (woo hoo) Which is why I call it my Beatles birthday…

I am most grateful for all of my years and have no problem stating, and owning my age. It is a milestone many have been deprived of experiencing. AND I have earned each and every grey hair, wrinkle, and creaky bone! So why not display them with enthusiasm!

A couple interesting things about this particular birthday is that number one, it is the second year in a row I have spent my birthday in a rehab/nursing home and it is the first I will NOT be allowed to spend it with family and friends due to the virus that has swept the planet. At least last year, I could have visitors and we…

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