Music Recommendation: The Quentin Brothers — “Leaving All Behind”


Music: “Leaving All Behind”

Artist: The Quentin Brothers

Artist Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Info: “‘Leaving All Behind’ is a song dedicated to the ones who had courage or had to start their lives all over again. People who left their previous way of living and traded it for something that was really worth living for, like a new place, new job, new relationship, new style and so many situations which gives meaning to life again.”

“The QUENTIN BROTHERS are a hot mix of Spaghetti Western, Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Surf Music.”

Roddy Rauvers – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin and Jaw Harp 
Henrique San – Bass 
Luis “William” Campbell – Guitar 
Tom Rocker – Drums 

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE)

Genre: Country. Country Rock.


The Quentin Brothers on Bandcamp

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