Music Recommendation: the Yes It Is — “Senses Working Overtime”


Music: “Senses Working Overtime”

Album: A Tribute to Futureman Records Tributes (Big Stir Single No. 107​.​5) — a two-track single

Artist: The Yes It Is

Record Company: Big Stir Records

Record Company Location: Burbank, California

Info: “Senses Working Overtime” is a cover of an XTC song.

“Big Stir Records presents the finest music from the global pop rock scene on CD, vinyl and digital downloads. Based in California and featuring artists from the US, UK, Sweden, and Germany, BSR also curates a weekly Digital Singles Series, hosts live shows in the US and UK, and publishes Big Stir Magazine. Pop outside the box with Big Stir!”

Price: $1 (USD) for track; $1 (USD) for two-track single

Genre: Rock.


Big Stir Single No. 107​.​5 (The Yes It Is)

Big Stir Records

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