Music Recommendation: The Evanstones — “The Heat”


Music: “The Heat”

Album: 1961

Artist: The Evanstones

Artist Location: Seattle, Washington

Info: “Originally lab chimps working as mild-mannered reporters for a quaint metropolitan newspaper, The Evanstones came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal monkey men. Upon their arrival at the Ellis Island of Dr Moreau from the old country, the Evanstones changed their name from The Evansteins and were on their way to the fickle fate of forgotten fame and fortune!”

“Now, by popular demand, and as was predicted in the scrolls, The Evanstones bring you more of what you, the discerning listener, didn’t even know you were craving so desperately. But you were. Oh yes, you were. And we here at Evanstones world HQ heard your silent pleas even before you pled them, and we responded with great haste combined with glacial deliberation to bring you what many are predicted to call the Surf Album of the Decade! Or at least some of you. OK, our moms. There. Are you happy now?”

Price: $1 (USD) for track; $8 for 13-track album

Genre: Surf.


The Evanstones on Bandcamp


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