Music Recommendation: The Amazing Chan Clan — “Whodunnit”


Music: “Whodunnit”

Album: I Ju​$​t Wanna Make You Dance! (and Buy $tuff​)​: Cartoon Bands and Other Ways To $ell Toys To Kids (1965​-​1975)

Artist: The Amazing Chan Clan

Info: Thirty tracks by various TV cartoon bands.

“HOW DO WE SAVE CARTOON BANDS? I made this compilation because I love cartoon bands. I collect cartoon band records and have a ton of VHS recordings of random songs only featured in the cartoons. The unfortunate thing about this odd genre is that a lot of the recordings were only played in the actual show so the quality is crappy, there’s sound effects over the music and the narrator talks over the lyrics more times than not. So I made this compilation to showcase some of these songs that will eventually be lost to time if we don’t find the original recordings and SAVE THEM! You might have to use your imagination with some of the songs due to quality but beneath it all is a beautiful tune in need of some ears! So give me your ears and take a listen to Classic Trash #6 — if you know someone who knows someone who knows how to find the masters for these songs hit me up and let’s SAVE THE CARTOON BANDS!”  — Classic Trash

Songs cleaned-up and remastered by Patrick Haight at Spot On Sound

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE)

Genre: Pop


I Ju​$​t Wanna Make You Dance! (and Buy $tuff​)​: Cartoon Bands and Other Ways To $ell Toys To Kids (1965​-​1975)

Classic Trash

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