Music Recommendation: Dick Dale and His Del-Tones — “Miserlou”


Music: “Miserlou”

Album: RUMBLE!

Artist: Dick Dale and His Del-Tones

Record Company: Moochin’ About

Record Company Location: England, UK

Info: “Launched 2011, by Producer & DJ, Jason Lee Lazell, the world / jazz buyer for the biggest record store in Europe, Tower Records, Piccadilly Circus, after 15 years as manager at Discovery Records — one of the biggest distributors for Jazz,world & music, the critically acclaimed label has gained admiration from Cerys Matthews, Huey Morgan, Giles Peterson, Jamie Cullum, Stuart Marcone, Johnny Trunk, Robert Elms.”

Dunkler Meister, a fan, wrote, “Even though some tracks lack recording quality compared to other available compilations, this 200-track monster delivers all the heart desires. From your favorite movie theme to the twanging guitar track you had stuck in your head but couldn’t pin down the name of, it’s all here. Rumble On! Favorite track: ‘The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly.’”

“A few songs are repeated.” — Bruce

Price: £7 (USD) for 100 tracks by various artists

Genre: Instrumental.



Moochin’ About

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