Music Recommendation: Rachel Mousie — “Other People’s Houses”


Music: “Other People’s Houses”

Album: COLOR

Artist: Rachel Mousie

Artist Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Info: Daniel Klein wrote, “I first saw Rachel tear it up at the Front Room at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and am glad to see her still doing her thing. The perfect combo of stripped-down melodies and effortlessly soulful vocals lend to a hauntingly beautiful listening experience. Favorite track: ‘Sharp.’”

“I like to sing and write songs. I play the keys and use a looping station to create live harmonies and hand percussion rhythms. Sometimes when I’m practicing, my cat sits on my lap and gives me feedback in the form of cat sounds. Once I find a way to incorporate that, I’ll have it all figured out. — Rachel

“I aim to make you feel something, whatever that may be. I hope I am successful.” — Rachel

“Recorded by Bruce Dalzell at The Dalzell Country Club.” 

“Additional recordings by us in our apartment.”

“Broomstick metronome provided by our upstairs neighbor.”

Price: $5 (USD) for eight-track album; tracks cannot be purchased separately

Genre: Alternative



Rachel Mousie on Bandcamp

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