David Bruce: The Funniest People in Movies — Audiences, Autographs, Automobiles, Awards


• When Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight premiered in London, it was a great success. Mr. Chaplin was present, and after the film was over, he walked out on the stage and said “thank you” to the audience. However, a woman in the audience said, “No! No! Thank you!” Soon all the members of the audience were thanking Mr. Chaplin.

• Mario Van Peebles’ New Jack City contains a scene in which a character accepts drugs. When this scene was shown at a theater in New York City, an African-American man stood up and yelled at the screen, “Just say no, man!” Mr. Van Peebles says this is one of the best things he has witnessed in his life.


• Groucho Marx once sat for a caricature for the Brown Derby, a famous Hollywood restaurant on Vine Street. When the caricature was finished, he autographed it, “To Al Levy’s Tavern — the best restaurant on Vine Street! Groucho Marx.” Al Levy’s Tavern was part of the competition, so the manager of the Brown Derby tore up the caricature. Years later, Groucho was asked to sit for another caricature for the Brown Derby, and he agreed — provided that the manager wouldn’t censor his autograph. This time he wrote: “To the Hollywood Brown Derby — the best restaurant on Vine Street, but only because Al Levy’s has gone out of business.”

• Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti comes from Modena, Italy, where people make sure not to give celebrities special treatment. Paul Newman visited Modena twice, where he ate in public restaurants twice. Both times, no one asked him for his autograph. He marveled, “What a polite city — no one bothered me.” However, he couldn’t help but wonder, “To interest the people of Modena, who do you have to be?”

• A young boy once asked comedian W.C. Fields for his autograph. Mr. Fields glared at the boy, then said, “Go back to the reform school, you little nosepicker.”


• Wilson Mizner was an expert at deflating the pretentious. Once, he went to a Hollywood movie premiere where the fans were admiring the fabulously expensive limousines of the stars arriving at the theater. Mr. Mizner, however, arrived in a beat-up Ford. The driver of the car handed the keys to a haughty parking attendant who sneered at the car, then asked Mr. Mizner, “What shall I do with it?” Mr. Mizner said, “Keep it,” and walked into the premiere.

• Very early in his career, Lou Costello went to Hollywood in an unsuccessful attempt to break into the movies. He was so impoverished that he couldn’t afford blankets, so on cold nights, he slept between mattresses. Later, he couldn’t afford to rent a room, so he used to sleep in any unlocked car he found at night.


• Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart was made a Brigadier General in the Air Force Reserve, something that angered Senator Margaret Chase Smith, who believed that Mr. Stewart was unqualified. Discussing the promotion with such people as the Secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force Chief of Staff, she asked why he should be made Brigadier General and was told he deserved it because of his performance in the movie Strategic Air Command. Senator Smith was aghast and said, “Then why you don’t make June Allyson a Brigadier General for playing the female lead in Strategic Air Command?”

• When Felicity Huffman won the Best Actress award at the Independent Spirit Awards for her performance as a transsexual in the movie Transamerica, she recounted a story about a grip working to correct some malfunctioning equipment. Perched precariously on a ladder, he muttered, “This f**king film better win a f**king award.” Ms. Huffman then held her award up and said, “Here’s the f**king award.”


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