Music Recommendation: Todd Burge — “My Roots”


Music: “My Roots”


Artist: Todd Burge

Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia


“If it’s been discovered by man, West Virginia’s Todd Burge has written about it. A born ponderer and observer of life, each of his songs tells a story. Whether drawn from personal experience or a tale of poetically woven fiction, you’ll live every second of it through his songs.”

Tim O’Brien – Mandolin on “My Roots” 
Ammed Soloman – Drums 
Steve Hill – Bass 
Bruce Dalzell – Bass 
William Riley Burge – Vocals 
Todd Burge – Vocals, Bass, Harmonica, Banjo and percussion. 
Recorded by Bunj Jam Mobile – Parkersburg, WV, 3 Elliot Studio-Athens Ohio and Zone 8 in Granville WV 

Price: $0.99 for track. Name Your Price (Includes FREE) for 16-Track Album

Genre: Americana, Singer-Songwriter



Todd Burge on Bandcamp

David Bruce: The Funniest People in Movies — Children, Clothing


• Even as a two-year-old child, Wah Ming Chang enjoyed drawing. He especially liked to draw lambs, and he enjoyed putting the pictures he drew under his mother’s pillow as a surprise gift for her. Later, he became a famous artist and an Oscar-winning creator of special effects for the movies Tom Thumb and The Time Machine.

• When the mother of children’s book author/illustrator Tomie dePaola was a little girl, she and her father went every week for 14 weeks to a movie theater to watch a serial adventure movie. Unfortunately, before they were able to watch the end of the serial, the movie theater was torn down, so they never did learn how it ended.

• Pistol Pete Maravich was a high scorer throughout his career. As a kid, he was always found with a basketball. He even used to dribble while riding his bike, and when he went to the movies, he carried a basketball with him so he could watch the movie while dribbling the basketball in the aisle.

• A young man who said he was W.C. Fields’ son came to visit the famous comedian. Mr. Fields asked the young man what he wanted to drink and after the young man asked for a Coke, Mr. Fields yelled for his butler and ordered him to throw the young man out because “he’s no son of mine.”


• While attending Morehouse College, Spike Lee directed the coronation pageant, one of the biggest events of homecoming. Students dressed up nicely for the pageant, and the women usually wore slinky, revealing dresses. However, as director of the pageant, Mr. Lee decided to emulate old Hollywood musicals, and he wanted the women to be dressed in floor-length, not-so-revealing evening gowns. The male students wanted to see the women in revealing dresses, so when they learned about his plans, they threatened him, but the pageant came off as Mr. Lee had planned.

• Katherine Hepburn’s movie studio wanted her to dress stylishly all the time, but when she wasn’t acting, Ms. Hepburn preferred to wear comfortable clothing such as jeans. Therefore, the movie studio stole her jeans one day as she was acting. Ms. Hepburn sent the movie studio VIPs word that if her jeans were not returned, she would walk around naked. Of course, she didn’t walk around naked, but she did walk around wearing silk panties. The movie studio returned her jeans.

• A smart person with power is actress Julia Roberts, star of Pretty Woman. In the 1991 movie Sleeping with the Enemy, she had to film a scene wearing only panties and an undershirt, so she ordered the entire production crew to strip down to their underwear, too. She said later, “We all had a laugh and the night went a lot faster — because anybody working in his underwear wants to get done a little quicker!”

• When Marlene Dietrich was a big star in Hollywood, she frequently wore gender-bending clothing such as men’s tuxedos. In fact, at one time she was called “The Best Dressed Man in Hollywood,” and some newspapers referred to her and her clothing as “Mr. Dietrich and his fabulous wardrobe.”

• Olympic gold-medalist figure skater Sonja Henie felt very comfortable wearing her ice skates. In fact, when she felt uncomfortable filming a romantic scene with Tyrone Power for a movie, she mentioned that she would feel a lot more comfortable in the scene if she could wear her ice skates.


Copyright by Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved


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