Music Recommendation: Autoramas — “Blue Monday”

Music: “Blue Monday”


Artist: Autoramas

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

lnfo: Autoramas started as a surf music group. This album was released 1 January 2015, when surf was still a main focus for them; however, it also includes several good songs with vocals. This was in the Flávia Couri (bass player) era. She left Autoramas to play with her husband, Martin Couri, in the Courettes. (Check them out on Bandcamp.) Gabriel Thomaz has written much excellent surf music. — Bruce

“Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1998, Autoramas mixes rock from the 60s, New Wave and Jovem Guarda. One of the most successful bands in the independent scene, it has abundant material and numerous international tours. Currently it is composed by Gabriel Thomaz, Érika Martins, Jairo Fajer and Fábio Lima.”

“Blue Monday” is a surf instrumental of the New Order song.

Check out the concert above. From right to left: Flávia Couri (Bass), Bacalhau (Drums), Gabriel Thomaz (Guitar).

Price: $7 (USD) for 13-track album

Genre: Surf



Autoramas on Bandcamp

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