David Bruce: The Funniest People in Neighborhoods — Children


• A man once made a will saying that his son would not be able to inherit his wealth until he had become a fool. Such a will was puzzling, and Rabbi Jose and Rabbi Judah decided to consult Rabbi Joshua about it. When Rabbi Jose and Rabbi Judah arrived at the house of Rabbi Joshua, they discovered that Rabbi Joshua was letting his young son climb onto his back and ride on top of him as they played Horsie together. When Rabbi Joshua learned why they had come, he said that the will was not difficult to understand. When a man has children, he is allowed to act foolishly — just like Rabbi Joshua had done while playing Horsie with his son. Therefore, the will was simply saying that the dead man’s son could not inherit the dead man’s property until the son had children of his own.

• As a little girl, author Beth Lisick suffered an accident in which she became a bloody mess after a butcher knife accidentally flew out of her brother’s hand and struck her in the corner of her eye. Blood flowed freely, and her mother took her to the emergency room and got her stitched up, then took her home. However, Beth had a weird sense of humor, so she snuck out of her house instead of taking a bath, and caked with blood, she rang the doorbell of her best friend, Amy, and scared her best friend’s mother by looking psychotic, raising a knife (which she had “borrowed” without permission) in a menacing way, and asking, “Can Amy come out to play?” By the way, when a boy teased Amy, who had buck teeth, by giving her the nickname “Buck Tooth Beaver,” Beth stood up for her friend by kicking the boy in a place that earned her a special nickname: The Nutcracker.

• The children of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright were entirely normal. As teenagers, his daughters used to sit by the fireplace and hold hands with their boyfriends. Their younger brothers used to sneak up on them and throw wadded-up paper at them. Mr. Wright used a very large room as a bedroom for all of his children. The bedroom had a low partition in the middle, and the girls slept on one side of the partition, while the boys slept on the other side. When the girls had a slumber party, the boys threw pillows at them over the low partition. And when Mr. Wright built a studio onto his house so he could work at home with his employees, his children would sneak onto a balcony overlooking the studio and throw things at their father’s draftsmen.

• The oldest child of children’s book author Lois Lowry is Alix, who attended nursery school when she was almost five years old. While picking up Alix one day, Lois carried her youngest child, a newborn named Ben. Alix’s teacher was surprised to see Ben, saying, “I didn’t know Alix had a baby brother. When we talked about families at Circle Time, she told us she was the only child in the family.” Then she said that of course Ben was a newborn, so Alix had been a single child when she spoke about her family. Actually, Alix had not been a single child then, for two other children were between Alix and Ben. But Alix wanted to be the only child — the center of attention — and for a while in nursery school, she was.

• Christian writer Dale Hanson Bourke became concerned when a four-year-old bully named Brian hit her four-year-old son, named Chase, in the playground. She had been hearing from her son that Brian had been doing bad things, so she advised, “If he ever does that to you again, just hit him right back!” Chase, however, was unwilling: “But, Mom, that might make him cry.” This comment helped Ms. Bourke to calm down. A few days later she learned that young Brian’s parents were involved in a messy divorce case, contributing to his bad behavior, and so she and her son prayed for Brian. Because of the seriousness of the situation, young Chase prayed first to Jesus, and then to God.


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Leah Chynoweth-Tidy – songwriting, vocals, rhythm guitar (all tracks) 
Ken Chynoweth-Tidy – bass guitar (all tracks) 
Louis Parish – drums (tracks 1, 5 and 6) 
Jerry As – drums tracks (2, 3 and 4) 
Roger Stewardson – lead guitar tracks (2 and 5) 
Dave Beacon – keys (tracks 5 and 6)

Price: $1.50 (AUS) for track; $10 (AUS) for six-track album

Genre: Pop




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