Music Recommendation: Dorothy-Jane — Speak Out”


Music: “Speak Out”

Single: This is a one-sided single.

Artist: Dorothy-Jane

Artist Location: Canberry, Australia


“Dorothy-Jane tackles the confusion, fear and shame of sexual abuse and hopes to empower victims to speak out. 

“She writes from personal experience, in this instance from the perspective of being the witness to her husband’s sexual abuse of a young child. She says, ‘It was a shocking discovery as the child was a frequent visitor in our household. I was also shocked to find out after that this was not the first time the child had been in the grasp of my husband’s behaviour.’ 

“Although this happened in 2016 and Dorothy-Jane’s now ex-husband is in prison, she is only now beginning to understand the level of control offenders have over their victims and the complex layers of these abusive relationships. She explains, ‘Initially I wondered why the child hadn’t told me or her parents that this was happening. Later I found out that my husband had told her that people see it as wrong and if they found out he would go to jail!’”

Dorothy-Jane (vocal, harmonica)

Ali Penney (keys)

Ben Hoare (guitars)

Matt Nightingale (bass)

Jack Barnard (drums)

Guest musicians: John Mackey (saxophone).

Chorus of voices: Johnny Huckle, Reidar Jorgensen, Krista Kamprad Grunreich, Finn Kamprad, Alison Penney, Rachel Thorne

Price: $1.20 (AUS) for track

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


“Speak Out”

Dorothy-Jane on Bandcamp

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