Music Recommendation: The GTVs — “Emperor’s New Jam”


Music: “Emperor’s New Jam”

Double-sided Single: “Lingering Chills” is b​ound with “Emperor’s New Jam”

Artist: The GTVs

Artist Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Info: “Philadelphia’s mod-garage kings return with a new digital single! The A-side is a balls-out garage rager, and the B-side is a groovy Booker T-style instrumental.”

The B-side is “Emperor’s New Jam”

Sam Steinig: Hammond Organ, Lead Vocals 
Pat Wescott: Guitar, Vocals 
Patrick Crowling: Bass, Vocals 

Dave Johnson, a fan, wrote, “Great stuff. Retro cool and oh sooo groovy. Favorite track: ‘Lingering Chills.’”

Price: $1 for track; $2 for double-sided single

Genre: Garage


“Lingering Chills” b/w “Emperor’s New Jam”

The GTVs on Bandcamp

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