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Poetry: Day 538 — notnotnerdygirl

chonky the donkey (inspired by a donkey sanctuary) Poetry: Day 538 — notnotnerdygirl

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Mighty Musical Motivation May 2021 — Annette Rochelle Aben

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Battlefield land — t r e f o l o g y

As far as I can estimate, There were no notable Civil War battles in California. *** That does not leave my Civil War re-enactment group with a lot to re-enact. *** So, we mostly just sit around in old-timey clothes, … Continue reading

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David Bruce: The Funniest People in Relationships — Gifts, Grandparents, Husbands and Wives

Gifts • In the late 19th century, when the Crown Prince of Germany was engaged to the Princess, they stayed at Balmoral, where they found some white heather while walking. After they were married, the Crown Prince again stayed at Balmoral, … Continue reading

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Music Recommendation: Draculina — “Dracula’s Theme”

BRUCE’S RECOMMENDATION OF BANDCAMP MUSIC Music: “Dracula’s Theme” EP: STRIP TRIP TO MIRACLE COVE Artist: Draculina Artist Location: St. Petersburg, Russia Info: “Debut EP by DRACULINA from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Featuring bassist Polina Draculina (previously with Black Lagoons and Messer … Continue reading

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