Music Recommendation: Annie Hendriz — “Fake It ’Til You Make It”


Music: “Fake It ’Til You Make It”


Artist: Annie Hendrix

Artist Location: California

Info: San Francisco Bay Area-based songwriter, composer, music producer.

Lyra, a fan, wrote, “This is a really beautiful, personal album! I love the instrumentation; it feels like I’m listening to a traveling band of bards. Favorite track: ‘Joan.’”

Music & Lyrics by Annie Hendrix, except “Silence,” music by Travis W. Hendrix, lyrics by Annie Hendrix 

Performed by Annie Hendrix – vocals, guitar, violin 
Travis W. Hendrix – oud, ocarina, guitar, mandolin, bass, 
backing vocals, additional tambourine 
Ben Weiner – percussion, piano 
Fionna Lane – backing vocals 
Kalei Yamanoha – steel guitar 
Seb Shader – violin 
Andrew Cohen – helicon 

Price: $1.29 for track; $11.99 for 11-track album

Genre: Folk



Annie Hendrix on Bandcamp

Annie Hendrix on YouTube

Annie Hendrix Official Website

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