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Haiku #373 🌞 🌺 — Exclusive Inflictions

Sunshine and fresh air Vibrant flowers everywhere Dissipating cares Haiku #373 🌞 🌺 — Exclusive Inflictions

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David Bruce: 250 Anecdotes About Religion — Charity, Children

Charity • Entertainer Eddie Cantor put his knowledge of human nature to use while raising money for charity in what was reputed to be a tough town for fundraising. He did it by appearing to get sicker and sicker just before … Continue reading

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Jokes for kids — t r e f o l o g y

Q. Where do you bury a ship captain who was addicted to chocolate? A. At See’s Jokes for kids — t r e f o l o g y

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Music Recommendation: Frankie and the Pool Boys — “Game of Thrones Theme”

Music: “Game of Thrones Theme” Artist: Frankie and the Pool Boys Artist Location: San Francisco, California Info: “Frankie and the Pool Boys — Surf band, party band! Original music in the style of the first wave of Southern California beach … Continue reading

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