Music Recommendation: Los Oxidados — “Capitán Lance Murdock”


Music: “Capitán Lance Murdock”

Album: This song is a one-sided single.

Artist: Los Oxidados

Artist Location: Mexico City, Mexico


Yelo – Lead guitar & rhythm guitar 
Min III – Bass 
Bogar – Drums 

Celebrando XVI años de instrumentales, nos adentramos en un nuevo viaje en búsqueda de bailar con todo el mundo.
Celebrating XVI years of instrumentals, we embark on a new journey in search of dancing with the whole World. 

Kahuna Cole wrote, “Another sweet offering from Los Oxidados! Surf Music and summer go together just like chips and salsa! Viva!”

Price: $0.60 (USD)

Genre: Surf Instrumental.


“Capitán Lance Murdock”

Los Oxidados on Bandcamp

Los Oxidados on YouTube

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