Music Recommendation: Reverendo Frankenstein — “Tic-Tac Instrumental”


Music: “Tic-Tac Instrumental”

Album: This track is a single.

Artist: Reverendo Frankenstein

Artist Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Info: “Frankenstein rock and roll band from Sao Paulo, Reverendo Frankenstein features Alex from Hell (guitar) and Fabio Koveiro (drums). The band started in 2012 mixing their psychobilly, surf music and punk rock influences (among many others) to create a new sound.”

“Tic-Tac” with Vocals

Price: $1 (USD) for track; this track is a single.

Genre: Rock. Punk. Instrumental.


“Tic-Tac Instrumental”

Reverendo Frankenstein

Reverendo Frankenstein on YouTube

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