Music Recommendation: The Jackets — “Be Myself”


Music: “Be Myself”

Album: QUEEN OF THE PILL (2019)

Artist: The Jackets

Artist Location: Switzerland


“Simply put, QUEEN OF THE PILL is a fun album. But, if you stick with it long enough to peel back the layers, you’ll discover there’s more to the songs than the buzzing guitars and charming vocals and backing harmonies. Such as the deceptively titled ‘Be Myself’ where Brutsche sings ‘I don’t wanna be myself, I don’t wanna be myself.’ There’s a nice tug of war between confident and vulnerable that gives these 10 songs more substance than you might glean on the first listen. While there’s a certain darkness to some of the songs, dawn remains on the horizon.” – J. Kevin Lynch, THE VOID REPORT

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Samuel Schmidiger 
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Chris Rosales 
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter – Jackie Brutsche 

Price: 1 CHF (Swiss Franc) for track; 8 CHF (Swiss Franc) for 11-track album

8 CHF is about $10 USD

Genre: Rock.



The Jackets on Bandcamp

The Jackets on YouTube

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