Music Recommendation: The Routes — “Hotwired”


Music: “Hotwired”


Artists: The Routes

Artist Location:

Record Company: Groovie Records

Record Company Location: Lisbon, Portugal


“That is one of those bands I would love to release myself on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS, just to make that clear. I met CHRIS JACK back in Japan when I was touring with my band, THE MONSTERS. The gig in general was amazing and wild. We had naked men and almost naked girls at the show, and a rock’n’roll scene that I dream to have in Switzerland, with lots of girls’ bands. 

“I was super impressed, then Chris told me he had a band. He gave me his recordings and I heard that like 20 times a day. It was something like 10 years after I met The Sonics. FUCKING KILLER. Anyway, time went by, and we kept contact all these years. Now THE ROUTES released an album on the fantastic GROOVIE RECORDS, from Portugal. A full INSTRUMENTAL album, a super fox on bass and an animal on drums, with the new Jeff Beck on guitars. 

“That is RAW WILD and OUT OF CONTROL guitar instrumentals with sometimes an EXOTIC touch as in “Bossa Hossa Nova,’ in ‘Shove-it’ or in the beautiful ‘Yeti Spaghetti” and SURF instrumentals like ‘Luck Of The Devil’ or the SMASHER ‘Hang Eleven.’ 

“This album is a super INSTRO KILLER! If you like The Shadows only, it may not be your cup of tea, but if you live in the gutter and drink booze instead of water, this album will be the HOLY GRAIL FOR ALL YOU SURF PUNKS OUT THERE! 

“Reverend Beat-Man (Master Of Disaster)”

Groovie Records: “Record label, distributor and music producer, been based in Lisbon since 2005.  Since its founding, we have been dedicated to musical research, through compilations and re-releases of rare records, and the production of unpublished records of Portuguese and foreign bands.”

Price: €1 (EURO) for track; €7 (EURO) for 10-track album

Genre: Surf.



Groovie Records

Groovie Records on YouTube

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