Music Recommendation: Becky Kapell — “Say Goodbye”


Music: “Say Goodbye”


Artist: Becky Kapell

Artist Location: St. Paul, Minnesota


“Minnesota songwriter and singer Becky Kapell picked up her teenage son’s guitar on a whim and began teaching herself to play at the tender age of 42. She had no intention of writing songs but as she taught herself basic chords, melodies began to emerge and then somewhat magically lyrics attached themselves to the melodies. She recorded 12 of those songs with old friends in Portland, OR (where Becky lived as a young adult) for her first record FOR NOW, released in 2012. Based on the strength of that recording Becky caught the attention of Minnesota guitar ace Paul Bergen and as the two began playing together her songwriting morphed from the folkier sound of her first record to the more guitar-driven sound of her 2018 release THAT CERTAIN ACHE. Recorded and produced by Bergen, the record also features his signature guitar work as well as guitar and drums by esteemed Minnesota musician Erik Koskinen who mixed the record and helped with additional recording at his Real Phonic Studios.”

Becky Kapell: vocals and acoustic guitar 
Paul Bergen: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass 
Erik Koskinen: drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar 

Price: $1 (USD) for track; $10 (USD) for nine-track album

Genre: Country



Becky Kapell on Bandcamp

Becky Kapell on YouTube

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