Music Recommendation: The Boss Martians — “I Wanna Be Your Addiction”


Music: “I Wanna Be Your Addiction”


Artist: The Boss Martians

Artist Location: Seattle, Washington

Record Company: Chaputa! Records

Info: This album has 26 tracks by various artists.

This album also includes “”Bubble Bath” by The Bambi Molesters.

“The Chaputa! Trademark is a positive guarantee that the record bearing it contains only fuzz, distortion, screams, wild beats and loud sounds, as performed by the best artists of this generation. That’s why, when you buy a Chaputa! record, you can be sure it contains only good fun! Please be sure that ‘CHAPUTA! RECORDS ARE GOOD RECORDS’ is our only credo and constant goal. Thank you, punk!”

“OST” means “Original Soundtrack.”

“The Boss Martians’ style of ’60s-influenced guitar pop was debuted in 1995 upon the release of their first self-titled full-length on Dionysus Records. Accompanied by an influence of Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Beach Boysthe Trashmen and the Astronauts, the Seattle natives also had the chance to scatter several singles throughout the years on various different labels before their second album, 13 EVIL TALES, came out in 1996. But it wasn’t until 1998 that the Boss Martians had the chance to branch outside of America with a tour of Europe that summer. After 2000’s MOVE, they signed with MuSick Recordings, releasing 2002’s MAKING THE ROUNDS and 2004’s THE SET-UP. ‘I Am Your Radio,’ from the latter album, won the listener-driven ‘Coolest Song of the Year’ contest on Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio program.”  — Biography by Mike DaRonco,

Price: €1 (EURO) for track; €10 (EURO) for 26-track album

Genre: Rock. Various.



Chaputa! Records

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