Music Recommendation: I Fantomatici — “Assalto Alla Diligenza” [“Assault on Diligence”]


Music: “Assalto Alla Diligenza” [“Assault on Diligence”]


Artist: I Fantomatici

Artist Location: Vincenza, Italy

Record Company: Green Cookie Records

Record Company Location: Thessaloniki, Greece


“Phantomatic was an instrumental surf band from Vincenza, Italy, playing a blend of spaghetti-western and surf. Fantomatici in Italian means ‘that maybe don’t really exist.’ But we assure you that they existed, and they mixed in their compositions the most disparate influences: surf, beat, rockabilly, easy listening, Italian 60s-70s B movies soundtracks. Always with an original, peculiar style. Their music reminds of seasides, exotic atmospheres, alien worlds, Italian futurism, spaghetti-western lands, superheroes of all colors and nationalities, historical avant-gardes and mysterious women. The group’s ideological background is based on everything related to the sixties and seventies, especially in Italy. An ill-concealed Mediterranean character is the trademark of I Fantomatici. They have recorded two albums for Green Cookie Records, GIUSTIZIA SOMMARIA (2005) and SPAGHETTI SURF (2007). Both albums have received very positive reviews. More than 15 years after their release both albums are finally available at Spotify and all streaming platforms.”

Price: : €1 (EURO) for track; €7 (EURO) for 13-track album

Genre: Spaghetti Western, Surf Instrumentals



Green Cookie Records

I Fantomatici on YouTube

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