Music Recommendation: Beware of Blast — “Grave Dance”


Music: “Grave Dance”

Single: This is a one-sided single.

Artist: Beware of Blast

Artist Location: Cologne, Germany


“BEWARE OF BLAST is a German Surf Rock band. The first album THE LEGACY reached No. 1 in the Surf Rock Radio album charts in 2018. The Halloween single BONE SHAKER BOOGIE was released in October 2019. In April 2020 the album OUTER SPACE entered the single charts on Surf Rock Radio. Just in time for Halloween 2020 the single GRAVE DANCE was released.”

Price:  €0.99 (EURO) for track

Genre: Instrumental Surf Rock


“Grave Dance”

Beware of Blast on Bandcamp

Beware of Blast on YouTube

Beware of Blast Official Website

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