Music Recommendation: Terminal Sunburn — “Where in the World is Poison Ivy Rorschach?”

Music: “Where in the World is Poison Ivy Rorschach?”


Artist: Terminal Sunburn

Artist Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey

Info: “We’re not really a surf band (except for when we are).”


“Here’s a tune that instrumentally wonders where the heart and soul of The Cramps has been spending her time. One would assume California, no? Anyhoo, I don’t own the pics. They do rule, though. The song is all Terminal Sunburn.”

“Here’s the video for ‘The Right Coast.’ I claim no copyright over the footage. It’s public domain stuff, featuring the Malibu Mermaid herself, Adele Dolman, frolicking while looking stunning. The song happens to be mine, though. If you want to check out some more lo-fi instrumental surf noise, go to”

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE) for track or for six-track album (‘It’s halfway to an album, I suppose.’)

Genre: Instrumental Surf.



Terminal Sunburn on Bandcamp

Terminal Sunburn on YouTube

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