Music Recommendation: The Bottle Kids — “Revisit the Past”


Music: “Revisit the Past”


Artist: The Bottle Kids

Artist Location: Berkeley, California


The Bottle Kids of Berkeley, California are NOT:

Bottlekids of Wales, UK

Bottle Kids of Boston, Massachusetts

Bottle Kids of Brooklyn, New York

Bottle Kids of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Bottle Kids of Chicago, Illinois

Bottle Kids of Atlanta, Georgia

Bottle Kids of Cleveland, Ohio

Bottle Kids of Oshawa, Ontario

Bottle Kids of Reading, UK

The Bottle Kids of Charlotte, North Carolina

 “Conceived as the musical vision of frontman/songwriter/producer/engineer Berkeley native Eric Blakely, The Bottle Kids embody the best of both ‘then’ and ‘now,’ combining Blakely’s deep roots in early 80’s power pop with a keen sense of songwriting and production for a refreshing, innovative and stubbornly irresistible sound.”

Bottle Kids Official [no idea where they’re located] commented, “Play louder and meaner. And stop stealing our band name.” Al Kidd responded, “Actually the name idea came from The Trailer Park Boys.”

Price: $0.99 (USD) for track; $9.99 (USD) for 13-track album

Genre: Power Pop.


The Bottle Kids on Bandcamp

Al Kidd on YouTube

The Bottle Kids Official Website

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