Music Recommendation: Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis — “They Don’t Know”


Music: “They Don’t Know”


Artist: Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis

Record Company: Rum Bar Records

Record Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts


“Lucy Ellis (from Lucy & The Rats) and Geoff Palmer (The Connection, The Guts, The Queers … and a big solo career) who work together obviously it makes me salivate very hard!” – Voix de Garage Grenoble

“Seriously: no one will ever do ‘In Spite of Ourselves’ better than John Prine and Iris DeMent. But Palmer and Ellis have come darn close, and in the process they’ve turned countless individuals into John Prine fans. And while Kirsty MacColl’s ‘They Don’t Know’ is one of the most perfect pop songs ever written, Palmer and Ellis just might have made my second-favorite version ever (and that’s no slight to The Speedways or Tracey Ullman!). How do you top Sam Cooke’s ‘Having a Party’? Well, you don’t. But if you’re Geoff Palmer and Lucy Ellis, you work up a super fun version that essentially serves as a theme song for the entire album.” – Faster And Louder 

“I’ve been playing this song since the moment the album was released. Being one of my favorite songs, this iconic Kirsty McColl classic has been covered by many over the years, when I saw that Geoff and Lucy included this one, I knew it was going to be great. I was not wrong. This song helped to propel the entire release to the top of my charts recently and remains in the company of great kindred spirits each show and each week!” – “Boris”Boden (aka The Secret Weapon on Woody Radio) 

Lucy Ellis is a member of Lucy and the Rats.

Price: $10 (USD) for eight-track album; tracks cannot be purchased separately




Rum Bar Records

Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis – Topic

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