Music Recommendation: Miss Georgia Peach — “Do You Know What Love Means”


Music: “Do You Know What Love Means”


Artist: Miss Georgia Peach

Artist Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Record Company: Rum Bar Records

Record Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Info: “XOXOXO VOLUME ONE is a rock ‘n roll love letter to you full of hits, lost treasures, anthems, and rock ‘n’ roll stories written in all your favorite languages: Garage, Punk, Power Pop, Alt-Country, Hip Shakin’, Rebel Rousing, and Heart-On-Your-Sleeve—- 24 smash hit tracks, signed, sealed, & delivered by some of Rum Bar Records’ favorite recording artists, family members, and friends.”

Miss Georgia Peach is the vocalist for the Short Fuses.

Miss Georgia Peach also sings with Scott Morgan.

Price: Name Your price (Includes FREE) for 24-track album by various artists

Genre: R&B. Various.




The Short Fuses on Bandcamp

Justin Staggs (of the Short Fuses) on YouTube


Albert Rouzie: Live From Home

Angela Perley: Live From Home

Angie Heimann: Live From Home

Ben Davis, Jr.: Live From Home

Billy Rhinehart: Live From Home

Bob Stewart: Live From Home

Bruce and Gay Dalzell: Live From Home (Holiday)

Caitlin Kraus: Live From Home

Camille Karavas: Live From Home

Carrie Elkin: Live From Home

Dan Canterbury: Live from Home

Danny Schmidt: Live from Home

Don Baker: Live From Home

Donna Mogavero: Live From Home

Eric Gnezda: Live From Home

Harlan Dalzell: Live From Home

Jordan Tice: Live From Home

Keith Larsen: Live From Home

Kim Richey: Live From Home

Liz Woolley: Live From Home

Megan Bee: Live From Home

Megan Wren: Live From Home

Nathan Zangmeister: Live From Home

Nick Vandenberg: Live From Home

Peter Mealy and Laurie Rose Griffith: Live From Home

Rachel Figley: Live From Home

Rachel Mousie: Live From Home

Scott Minar: Live From Home

Steve Zarate: Live from Home

Todd Burge: Live from Home

Vincent Trocchia: Live From Home

William Matheny: Live From Home


Tony Xenos – Four Miles Around (feat. Bruce Dalzell & Billy Rhinehart)



Adam Remnant

Albert Rouzie

Angela Perley

Angie Heimann

Attila Horvath

Ben Davis, Jr.

Caitlin Kraus

Carry Elkin

Corbin Marsh Band

Dallas Craft

Danny Schmidt


Jesse Remnant

Jordan Tice

Kim Richey

Liz Woolley

Mark Hellenberg (drummer)

Megan Bee

Mike Ratliff

Nick Vandenberg

Rachel Mousie

Rusty Smith and Friends

Steve Zarate

Todd Burge

Vincent Trocchia

William Matheny


The Corbin Marsh Band EP (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Adam Remnant on Spotify

Adam Remnant on SoundCloud

Adam Remnant on iHeart

Adam Remnant on Bandcamp

Albert Rouzie on Spotify

Albert Rouzie on SoundCloud

Albert Rouzie on iHeart

Albert Rouzie and the Wingnuts

Albert Rouzie on Bandcamp 

Attila Horvath on Spotify

Attila Horvath on iHeart

Attile Horvath (The Tailwinds) on Bandcamp

Billy Rhinehart on Spotify

Bruce Dalzell on Spotify

Bruce Dalzell on Spotify #2

Bruce Dalzell on SoundCloud

Bruce Dalzell on iHeart

Caitlin Kraus on Spotify

Caitlin Kraus on SoundCloud

Caitlin Kraus on Bandcamp

Caitlin Kraus on Bandcamp #2

Caitlin Kraus on iHeart

Caitlin Kraus on SoundCloud

Corbin Marsh on SoundCloud

Corbin Marsh Band on SoundCloud

Corbin Marsh Band on Bandcamp

Corbin Marsh Band on ReverbNation

Dallas Craft on Spotify

Dallas Craft on SoundCloud

Dallas Craft Music Official Website

Dallas Craft on YouTube

Dallas Craft on Bandcamp

Donna Mogavero on Spotify

Donna Mogavero on Spotify #2

Donna Mogavero on iHeart

Emaline Duquette on Spotify

Isaac King on Spotify

JD Hutchison on Spotify

JD Hutchison on iHeart

JD Hutchison on SoundCloud

Jim Pilgrim on Spotify

Jim Pilgrim on iHeart

Josiah Whitley on Spotify

Mark Hellenberg on Spotify

Megan Bee on Spotify

Megan Bee on iHeart

Megan Bee on Bandcamp

Megan Wren on Spotify

Megan Wren on SoundCloud

Michael Manley on Spotify

Mike Ratcliff on Bandcamp

Mike Ratliff on SoundCloud

Muswell Hillbillies on Spotify

Pineapple XVI on Spotify

Pineapple XVI on iHeart

Pineapple XVI on SoundCloud

Rachel Figley on Spotify

Rachel Figley on SoundCloud

Rachel Mousie on Bandcamp

Rachel Mousie on Spotify

Rachel Mousie on iHeart

Riley James on Spotify

Rylee Bapst on Spotify

Rylee Bapst on iHeart

Rylee Bapst on TikTok

Rylee Bapst on YouTube

Rylee Bapst Official Website

Rylee Bapst on Amazon

Steve Zarate on Spotify

Steve Zarate on iHeart

Steve Zarate on SoundCloud

Steve Zarate on Bandcamp

Steven Craig Carlson on iHeart

Steven Craig Carlson (Joe Bob Billy and the Texas Alien) on iHeart

Steven Craig Carlson (Joe Bob Billy and the Texas Alien) on Spotify

Sun Boats on Spotify

Tony Xenos on YouTube

Tony Xenos Official Website

Tony Xenos on Spotify

Tony Xenos on AllMusic

Winter Wilson on YouTube

Winter Wilson on TikTok

Winter Wilson on songfinch

Winter Wilson on Facebook  


The Kings of Hollywood

This page is set up to celebrate the music of the Athens-based original music band The Kings of Hollywood, featuring Bruce Dalzell, T. Craig Goodwin, Scott Minar, David Borowsky, Mark Hellenberg, and Bernie Nau. The Kings were regionally successful, celebrated performers and recording artists in Athens, Ohio during the 1980s.


Tom Riggs: Music to Consider (Collection of Local and Regional Music)



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