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Megan Bee at Ohio University’s Scripps Amphitheater: 16 September 2021

David Bruce: The Funniest People in Theater: 250 Anecdotes — Children


• During a matinee performance of Macbeth at which few people were in the audience, Sir Laurence Olivier noticed a boy sitting in the balcony and decided to give a special performance just for him. Sir Laurence gave a wonderful performance and the entire company followed suit, so that during intermission Sir Laurence said, “That boy will never see anything like this as long as he lives; it’s an experience he’ll never forget.” Unfortunately, when Sir Laurence and the company went back on stage following the intermission, they discovered that the boy had left the theater and gone home.

• Carol Burnett’s career got a big boost when she appeared as Princess Winifred in the off-Broadway play Once upon a Mattress. However, the play was on the verge of closing after only six weeks. Therefore, Ms. Burnett and other cast members started to picket the theater, urging management to keep the play open. Joining the picket line were several children from the neighborhood. A Broadway columnist figured that Ms. Burnett was paying the children to picket, but after talking to them, he wrote, “I apologize. Carol Burnett is the best-loved girl on Second Avenue.”

• When 10-year-old Patricia Fosse started taking dance lessons in the Chicago Academy of Theatre Arts, she was shy and cried at the thought of taking dance lessons alone. Therefore, her parents sent her eight-year-old brother, Bob, along to keep her from feeling alone. Bob Fosse grew up to be a world-famous choreographer for such musicals as Damn Yankees, Sweet Charity, and All That Jazz. In 1973, Mr. Fosse won an Emmy (for Liza Minnelli’s Liza with a Z), an Oscar (for Cabaret), and two Tony Awards (for Pippin).

• At a dinner that Alexander Woollcott threw for Mrs. Minnie Fiske, four street urchins followed the proceedings as they looked through a window. They were delighted when Mr. Woollcott and his friends gave them some after-dinner mints, but when Mrs. Fiske offered them some red roses, their leader declined, explaining, “I work in a florist’s.” Following the dinner, the smallest of the street urchins said, “Thank you, one and all, gentlemen and -women of leisure.”

• When British character actress Patricia Routledge was a small child, whenever she would cry, her mother would say, “Have a toffee.” Sometimes young Patricia would say she wanted a different kind of candy, but her mother insisted, “Have a toffee.” Why? Because it’s impossible to both cry and chew a toffee. Young Patricia’s attempt to do both would make her mother laugh, and soon young Patricia would laugh.

• Playwright and screenwriter Charles MacArthur used vulgar language and slang around the house, even in front of his children. When Mary, his daughter, was in the fourth grade, she was invited by some other little girls to play a game of “Kick the Can.” Mary was “It,” and because she didn’t know how the game was played, she bent over and waited for the other little girls to kick her.

• When Groucho’s first child was born, the Marx Brothers were starring in vaudeville in a comic skit called “Home Again.” Upon hearing the news of the birth, Groucho told the audience, “I have just been informed that my wife, Ruth, has made me the father of a six-pound bouncing baby. When the baby stops bouncing, I’ll let you know whether it’s a boy or a girl.”

• Music Hall performer Marie Lloyd once gave money to her dresser to have the dresser’s child see her in performance. After all, Ms. Lloyd said, “She mustn’t ever say she has never seen Marie Lloyd.” After the performance, Ms. Lloyd asked the child what she had thought of the show. The child replied, “You can’t dance and you can’t sing, and I think you’re rotten.”

• When Sir Michael Redgrave’s daughter Vanessa was born, family friend Sir Laurence Olivier announced to a theatrical audience, “Today a lovely young actress was born.”


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Music Recommendation: Heatwaves — “In My Teens”


Music: “In My Teens”

Album: COMPLETE RECORDINGS (2017​-​2020)

Artist: Heatwaves

Artist Location: VC, Spain

Record Company: Rum Bar Records

Record Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Record Company: Family Spree Recordings

Record Company Location: Spain


“All the songs included in their 3 EPs, the 2 of the EP shared with Freddie Dilevi, the Vampire song not yet released on vinyl as well as their 2 Christmas songs (the last one, with the collaboration of Freddie Dilevi) and the version that they included of the Lestrade’s ‘Propos coquins’ on the double compilation Bigger Fuckin’ Family Party.”

Heatwaves Members: 

Ana Beltrán: Vocals

Jose Dolz: Bass & Backing Vocals

Luis Sánchez: Guitar & Backing Vocals

Fernando Cabalo: Guitar & Backing Vocals

Tomás Escoin: Drums

Price: $1.50 (USD) for Track; $10 (USD) for 18-track album from Rum Bar Records

€1 (EURO) for track; €7 (EURO) for 18-track album from Family Spree Recordings

Genre: Bubblegum, Pop. Girl Group Sound.


COMPLETE RECORDINGS (2017​-​2020) (Rum Bar Records, USA)

COMPLETE RECORDINGS (2017​-​2020) (Family Spree Recordings, Spain)

Heatwaves on Bandcamp

Heatwaves on YouTube

Rum Bar Records

Family Spree Recordings

Megan Bee at Ohio University’s Scripps Amphitheater: 16 September 2021

Artist: Megan Bee

Artist Location: Athens, Ohio


“Singer-songwriter Megan Bee writes with an unquenchable wanderlust and a raw love for the land.  In the summer of 2020 she released her third studio album, WAITING, which was named album of the year by THE ARK OF MUSIC.  The album follows her 2017 release LIKE A CANYON which won The Ohio Music Awards Best Americana and Best Singer-Songwriter Album along with a finalist spot in the 2018 USA Songwriting Competition. 

“Her music is a blend of distinctly homespun vocals, acoustic simplicity, yearning soulfulness, and winsome storytelling. Megan’s background as an environmental educator, traveling farmhand, and vagabond once took her into a desert wilderness where she found her voice around a campfire.  She bases out of the rolling hills of Athens, Ohio and frequently roams the country playing festivals, coffeehouses, brewpubs, house concerts, and around campfires.   

“She seems to have nothing to prove and no agenda, just to write her heart and then sing it. […] The album is beautifully produced, and Megan’s voice cuts like a warbling bird through the music, like a line on a map.”  Hold the Note Magazine

“WAITING is wonderfully uncomplicated, genuinely soulful, and as storied as its creator — a true masterpiece that showcases stellar Bee’s songwriting skills phenomenally.” The Ark of Music 

“… warm and inviting … incredibly organic sounding. It sounds pure and human throughout.” Divide and Conquer

“In the summer of 2020 she released her third studio album, WAITING. Recorded on the brink of a global pandemic in a humble basement studio, intimate vocals and soulful lyrics are supported by a simple production that pulls you in to the closeness and warmth of these songs. “

Bruce Dalzell Introduces Megan Bee

Genre: Americana.  Singer-Songwriter.


Megan Bee on Bandcamp

Megan Official Website

Megan Bee on YouTube

Megan Bee on Facebook

Megan Bee: Live From Home

Price for WAITING album on Bandcamp: $1 (USD) for single track; $10 (USD) for nine-track album