Music Recommendation: Heatwaves — “In My Teens”


Music: “In My Teens”

Album: COMPLETE RECORDINGS (2017​-​2020)

Artist: Heatwaves

Artist Location: VC, Spain

Record Company: Rum Bar Records

Record Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Record Company: Family Spree Recordings

Record Company Location: Spain


“All the songs included in their 3 EPs, the 2 of the EP shared with Freddie Dilevi, the Vampire song not yet released on vinyl as well as their 2 Christmas songs (the last one, with the collaboration of Freddie Dilevi) and the version that they included of the Lestrade’s ‘Propos coquins’ on the double compilation Bigger Fuckin’ Family Party.”

Heatwaves Members: 

Ana Beltrán: Vocals

Jose Dolz: Bass & Backing Vocals

Luis Sánchez: Guitar & Backing Vocals

Fernando Cabalo: Guitar & Backing Vocals

Tomás Escoin: Drums

Price: $1.50 (USD) for Track; $10 (USD) for 18-track album from Rum Bar Records

€1 (EURO) for track; €7 (EURO) for 18-track album from Family Spree Recordings

Genre: Bubblegum, Pop. Girl Group Sound.


COMPLETE RECORDINGS (2017​-​2020) (Rum Bar Records, USA)

COMPLETE RECORDINGS (2017​-​2020) (Family Spree Recordings, Spain)

Heatwaves on Bandcamp

Heatwaves on YouTube

Rum Bar Records

Family Spree Recordings

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