Music Recommendation: Los Winston Lobo


Music: “Montecarlo race”

Album: LET’S GO!!

Artist: Los Winston Lobo

Artist Location: Community of Madrid, Spain


Rock’n’Roll Steve, a fan, wrote, “Everything here is good, lots of it is great so it was hard to pick a favorite. Anyway, this comp has something for everyone — it would be a bargain at twice the price. Favorite track: ‘Muleface.’”

“Los Winston Lobo is an instrumental rock & roll band with their own songs and versions. Influenced by instrumental surf music, Blues, Swing, Jazz, Rockabilly and movie soundtracks. His influences, to mention a few, are mainly in groups from the sixties such as Dick Dale or The Ventures but also some more modern from other decades such as Los Straitjackets and Los Coronas. Music as disparate as that of Benny Goodman, Brian Setzer, Ennio Morricone or Link Wray inspire the themes and repertoires of Los Winston Lobo.

“The group lives the revival of surf and rock and roll music of the sixties for the premiere in 1994 of the film PUKP FICTION, due to this and because of the charisma of the character in the film played by Harvey Keitel, they decide to call the group Los Winston Lobo. The live shows stand out for their impeccable sound and for the rich repertoire of versions of classic surf and sixties rock and roll, movie soundtracks and TV series.” — Los Winston Lobo YouTube website

Price: €3 (EURO) for 70-track album

Genre: Psychobilly. Various.



Los Winston Lobo on YouTube

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