Music Recommendation: Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene — “Play the Rush (Live)”

Music: “Play the Rush (Live)”


Artist: Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene

Artist Location: Denver, Colorado


“Kerry Pastine has always gravitated toward an original sound steeped in tradition, but with a modern edge. When it comes to musical projects, she insists on a hint of danger, good times and a damn good dance party. Simplicity rules, but needs to be backed up with taste and musical chops. Until now, she has always hesitated with putting her name on the marquee. But the time is now. It’s time to introduce Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene. This ride ain’t a vintage Cadillac. This is a souped-up hot rod with bulletproof glass, a modern chassis and a shiny new engine. The perfect vehicle for a life of crime and musical performances born of sin.”

Laurent DESPLANCHES, a fan, wrote: “Long live rockabilly. Another discovery on the web, I love it !” Favorite track: “Follow Me.”

Sherrilynn Nelson wrote about the YouTube “Play the Rush (Live)” video, above, “Beautiful perfection… mesmerizing! What an amazing live recording! You guys are raising the standard, I can’t get enough of these videos! I’m blown away and totally missing Denver right now.”

Price: “Play the Rush (Live)” is a FREE track.

$1 (USD) for other single tracks: $9.99 (USD) for 13-track album

Genre: R&B.



Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene on Bandcamp

Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene on YouTube

Kerry Pastine on YouTube

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