Gerrymander Jewelry Ad (YouTube)

Gerrymander Jewelry Ad(YouTube)

Visit to get one of our six pre-made districts in exchange for a donation to OMG WTF. You can also request your own and we’ll send you a quote. And also visit to make sure you’re registered to vote.

ABOUT: Forget circles, squares, or rectangles — the modern district approaches a hectagon (a shape with 100 sides). With our one-of-a-kind pieces, we outline every border your state legislators or commissioners drew and your governor approved. Straight lines? They’re so 2011.

OUR STORY: Gerrymandering began 200 years ago — but in 2011, it was born anew. With sophisticated technology, Republican state legislators, commissioners, and governors redrew Congressional maps across the country. On one hand, they minimized Democratic votes — particularly those from Americans of color — by ‘packing’ those voters into one district (so their votes wouldn’t impact other districts) or by ‘cracking’ them so their votes were spread across many districts. But on the other hand, they inspired some incredible jewelry.

TX-35 runs 100 miles from Austin to San Antonio. MI-14 connects Pontiac to Detroit with a big zig-zag. FL-4 carves out the city of Jacksonville. LA-6 tip-toes around African-American neighborhoods in Baton Rouge. OH-1 adds on the Republican-heavy Warren County. And NC-6 splits the largest historically black public college into two separate districts — so if you move across campus, you have to re-register to vote. And that’s just our first offering!

If you want your own district, you can custom order it on our Contact page (we’ll send you a quote). And don’t forget to watch and share our commercial for gerrymander, and please tell your friends about us. Because in 2021, new lines will be drawn for 2022-2030. So if you’d like to turn these pendants into relics, vote for governors who can veto Congressional lines so they no longer resemble our jewelry. Thanks for reading, thanks for voting, and thanks for wearing Gerrymander™.

“Gerrymander Jewelry Ad” Director: The Dads (Parker Seaman and Evan Scott) Writer: Ben Sheehan Jewelry Concept by: Arielle Yuspeh Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller Editor: Chris Poole Cinematographer: Sten Olson Production Designer: Sage Griffin Jewelry Designer: Romy Devack and Sincerely Jewelry Gaffer: Nasser Akkari Key Grip: Alexander Barrett Asst. Camera: Austin Millinder Hair & Makeup: Nayari Navaz Production Assistant: Frankie Paulino Voter: Shukri Abdi Politician: Harrison Kiernan

Special Thanks: Brent Butler, Mickey Meyer, Brett Kusher at Jash; Athan Stephanopoulos, Suzanne Kolb, Jeffrey Wisenborough at Group Nine Media


Know folks unsure whether they’re registered?  Send them to

Know folks looking to volunteer?  Send them to Join Team Blue.

Know kids who relate to the world via Instagram?  Here.

Have more fuel to throw on our brightly burning fire? Here.

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FREE Romance eBooks by Brenda Kennedy

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FREE eBook: Cupcakes are Not a Diet Food!

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FREE: William Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”: A Retelling in Prose


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Where is My Mind?

It Just Popped Into My Head

Some days it’s just too much

to live out these years in this

borrowed mom body,

saggy, aching, sleepy, grumpy

slumpy, rough, sometimes blind

and falling apart,

when it wants to spend countless hours

strolling through museums,

curled up on picnic blankets, reading Bronte

again and again, or simply talking

into the earliest hours about art and

good writing instead of sitting on these

bloody highways, making sure there are snacks

for sports practice, making meal plans

and dreaming of old boyfriends

Or maybe that quiet night at a jazz club

a million years ago.

Instead these wrinkles are worn like a

badge, proud earned.

Even the dreamiest recesses of the mind

know that these days of childhood

are fleeting.

They’ll end too soon.

And even though there might be time

to go and gym and put on makeup,

these carpool confessionals,

and midnight bedtime rituals,

are becoming much less plentiful.

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“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

Art of Quotation

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian, author

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“Do what is right because it is right and leave it alone.” / “40,000 people are alive today because of this one man”

Art of Quotation

“Even a hunter cannot kill a bird that flies to him for refuge.”

This Samurai maxim inspired one gifted and courageous man to save thousands of people in defiance of his government and at the cost of his career. On Friday I came to Nagoya at the invitation of the Japanese government to speak in honor of his memory.

The astonishing Chiune Sugihara raises again the questions: What shapes a moral hero? And how does someone choose to save people that others turn away?

Most of the world saw throngs of desperate foreigners. Sugihara saw human beings and he knew he could save them through prosaic but essential action: “A lot of it was handwriting work,” he said.

Day and night he wrote visas. He issued as many visas in a day as would normally be issued in a month.

His wife, Yukiko, massaged his hands at night, aching from…

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meaning ‘little one’
my parents called me nho, sometimes
a singular grape
a child so small
plucked from a vine

I was given an English name
so that I wouldn’t get bullied
for such an exotic background
I was reborn for the convenience
of others

meaning ‘child of God’
my mother had two boys she loved
but prayed everyday to have a girl
the third time,
to have her likeness reflected
in such a tiny face
and in December of ’94
she did

I rejected Nhi most of my life
a relic of forgetting myself
of welcoming the parts that were easy
and holding my applause for the parts
I wanted to keep quiet

A single syllable
uttered like a sigh in the night–
why would I try to erase
the love that preceded my birth
and the affection that named me?

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Love Eternally: Nature’s Symphony

Charmed Chaos


nuzzling honeybees

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Shadows Race

Charmed Chaos

shadows race
cold misting rain
lightning striking earth

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In need of coffee

Brewed, no sugar, a big cup

Sanity saver.

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