David Bruce: It’s a Wonderful Life (FREE PDF)

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Free eBooks: The Kindest People Who Do Good Deeds

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David Bruce : Be Kind and Useful: Volume 1 — FREE PDF

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The Relationship Book: Volume 2 (Free PDF)

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It’s a Wonderful World (Free PDF)

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TOP 16 Bandcamp Tracks

TOP 16 Bandcamp Tracks

Apple iTunes keeps track of how many times you play a song. If you’re like me, you think it’s an incredible value to buy a track for a dollar or so from Bandcamp and listen to it 100 or more times. Here are my top Bandcamp tracks (the listens are as of 22 December 2020):

1. “Crystal Clear” by Chris Kackley. 394 listens.


2. “The Rainbow Connection” by BroniKony. 379 listens.


3. “Tyler Versus the Tsunami” by The Putz. 292 listens.


4. “Swedish Fish” by Bombón. 289 listens.


5. “Fox on the Run” by Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents. 249 listens.


6.  “Long Song of the Law” by Burger Big (USA). 214 listens.


7. “Surf Instrumental,” by Rick Lawndale. 180 listens.


8. “I Don’t Wanna” by For I Am. 179 listens.


9. “Spit Hood” by Betrayers. 172 listens.


10. “Anywhere the Wind Blows,” by Big Eagle. 151 listens.


11. “Ride of the Surfers Ride,” by Underwater Bosses. 148 listens.


12. “That Moon was Low,” by Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents. 129 listens.


13. “Vegemite Meatballs” by Big Burger (Australia). 125 listens.


14. “He’s Got the Power,” by Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents. 104 listens.

No longer available?

15. “Blast Off!” by the Putz. 102 listens.


16. “More Fun to Beat ’em,” by Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents. 101 listens.


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Bruce Dalzell: Waltz For Kelee (YouTube)

Bruce Dalzell: Waltz For Kelee(YouTube)

A truly great instrumental piece.

Song for sale at 0.99 on Amazon

Album My “Athens Past” for sale at $8.91 pm on Amazon.


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FREE Romance eBooks by Brenda Kennedy

NOTE: These books are the first books of series and end in cliffhangers.


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FREE eBook: Cupcakes are Not a Diet Food!

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FREE: William Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”: A Retelling in Prose



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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MY ODIUM F(R)IEND // Six Word Story #88 — unbolt me

Trash television binned her moral principles.  


© All rights reserved 2021

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MY ODIUM F(R)IEND // Six Word Story #88 — unbolt me
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My Amazing Family — Annette Rochelle Aben

Often, I seem to forget that this a rough road for all

Yet, through everything you’ve never dropped the ball

I know when I am scared, it scares you too

Because sorting out the confusion appears to be dumped on you

When I am filled with regret of my tears and stress

I believe there […]

My Amazing Family — Annette Rochelle Aben
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David Bruce: The Funniest People in Movies — Prejudice, Preparation, Problem-Solving


• Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing is deliberately ambiguous. In it, a black man is unjustly killed, and in retaliation a mob of black people burns down a pizzeria owned by a white man. At its end, two quotations appear. The quotation by Martin Luther King preaches nonviolent resistance to injustice, while the quotation by Malcolm X says that violence in defense may be needed when blacks are attacked. When a reporter asked Mr. Lee what the right thing is, Mr. Lee replied, “I don’t know. I know what the wrong thing is: racism.”

• Many of the top executives in the early days of Hollywood were Republicans. When Irving Thalberg’s lawyer, Eddie Loeb, discovered that actor William Haines was a Democrat, he went straight to Mr. Thalberg and told him, “You know you have a Democratic snake here?” Fortunately, Mr. Thalberg, a Republican, was more enlightened than other Hollywood executives, so he replied, “The man’s entitled to his own opinion,” and he let Mr. Haines keep his job.

• Peter Sellers, famous as Inspector Clouseau in Blake Edwards’ Pink Panther movies, was Jewish, although not everyone realized that. Mary, the sister of comedian Terry-Thomas, met Peter in a hotel in Brighton, England, and told him that he would like it there, for among other attractions, no Jews were there. Mr. Sellers leaned across the table toward Mary, winked, and said, “Well, Mary, there is now!”

• While filming Hurry Sundown in Louisiana in 1967, Jane Fonda was horrified to see prejudice at first hand. Black actors had leading roles in the movie, and this upset many white Louisiana residents. These prejudiced people objected to black actors using a motel pool, and they wrote threatening letters and slashed tires.

• During the Civil Rights era, black comedian (and occasional movie actor) Dick Gregory put his career on the back burner so that he could participate in gaining rights for his people. When he was asked why he was practically giving up his career to do this, he replied, “They didn’t laugh Hitler out of existence, did they?”

• The famous Norwegian actress Liv Ullman was born in Tokyo. After she was born, the Japanese nurse told her mother, “I’m afraid it’s a girl. Would you prefer to inform your husband yourself?”


• In 1977, Jane Fonda starred in the movie Julia, based on a friendship that playwright Lillian Hellman had when she was a young woman. To prepare for her role as the playwright, Ms. Fonda read half of a play that Ms. Hellman had written, then she set the play aside, pretended to be Ms. Hellman, and wrote the second half of the play.

• Oprah Winfrey took seriously her role as Mattie in the television movie The Women of Brewster Place. To prepare for the role, she pretended to be Mattie and wrote a 200-page journal using the character’s voice and point of view.


• Early in his career, Harold Lloyd looked for a way to break into movies. He used to sit on a bench outside a film studio in hopes that he would be hired as an extra. As he waited, he noticed that many of the actors and extras walked out of the studio in their makeup to eat lunch, then they returned to the studio after their lunch break. Therefore, Mr. Lloyd put on makeup, and the movie studio guards, thinking that he was an actor, allowed him to enter the studio grounds along with the real actors. Inside the studio, Mr. Lloyd made some friends and started acting in films. He quickly became a famous silent-movie comedian and the star of such classic comedies as Safety Last and The Freshman.


Copyright by Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved


The Funniest People in Movies — Buy

The Funniest People in Movies — Buy The Paperback

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Music Recommendation: Autoramas — Motocross”


Music: “Motocross”


Artist: Autoramas

Artist Location: Brazil

Info: The second track is also excellent: “Bahamas”

“Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1998, Autoramas mixes rock from the 60s, New Wave and Jovem Guarda. One of the most successful bands in the independent scene, it has abundant material and numerous international tours. Currently it is composed by Gabriel Thomaz, Érika Martins, Jairo Fajer and Fábio Lima.”

First Autoramas 7′

Released December 1, 1999

Autoramas (Wikipedia)

“The Autoramas are a Brazilian surf/garage rock/garage punk/rockabilly band that started in the late 90s and continue playing to this day.” — Wikipedia

Price: $4 (USD) for two-track album

Genre: Surf Instrumental




The Autoramas on Bandcamp


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add coffee — Annette Rochelle Aben

Windows through which to gaze

Light by which you can read

Know you are rich indeed

Simple pleasures

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben 


add coffee — Annette Rochelle Aben
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breakthrough — Annette Rochelle Aben

Thank you for the blessings showered upon me today

I never knew such joy could come my way

All it took was for me to open my heart

And all that could have stood in my way simply fell apart

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

breakthrough — Annette Rochelle Aben
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The Teenage Years — The Cheesesellers Wife

All bets are off in the teenage years

You still share your child’s hopes and fears

But they are a child no more –Can you hear that slammed door?

It’s a bumpy ride–Sometimes Jekyll, sometimes Hyde

You love them to bits, you can’t stand them anymore

And there again is that slamming door

You glimpse a young woman, you glimpse a […]

The Teenage Years — The Cheesesellers Wife
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David Bruce: The Funniest People in Movies — Practical Jokes, Prejudice

Practical Jokes

• Hispanic movie star Antonio Banderas occasionally played practical jokes when he was a member of a traveling troupe of theatrical actors in his native Spain. For example, an actor on stage was required to eat a piece of bread, so Mr. Banderas put lots of salt and vinegar on the bread before it was taken on stage. However, being a member of this particular traveling troupe was not all fun and games. The actors put on plays that defied dictator Francesco Franco, so the actors, including Mr. Banderas, were sometimes arrested.

• Margaret Lockwood is an English actress who appeared in The Lady Vanishes, which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Mr. Hitchcock enjoyed playing practical jokes; he once asked Ms. Lockwood to sit in a chair that had been wired so that it gave her an electric shock.


• As a very out and very effeminate homosexual in London before the rise of the gay rights movement, Quentin Crisp was frequently beaten up, and he became as much of an expert in avoiding violent confrontations as one could become through experience. Once, some homophobes started following him, so he began to walk faster until a taxi appeared. He hailed the taxi and got into it. Frequently, confrontations would end at that point, but the young homophobes surrounded the taxi and the taxi driver ordered Mr. Crisp to get out — at other times, taxi drivers had driven slowly but persistently through the crowd of homophobes. When Mr. Crisp was pulled out of the taxi, the homophobes started to beat him and he fell to the ground. He was afraid that they would start kicking him, but he managed to say, “I seem to have annoyed you gentlemen in some way.” This dignified sentence was so unexpected that the homophobes let him get up and walk away, although they continued to shout insults after him. Actor John Hurt played Mr. Crisp in a celebrated 1975 made-for-TV movie titled The Naked Civil Servant.

• Hollywood screenwriter Charles Lederer was stationed in India during World War II. While there, he accompanied a friend on a visit to a British woman who vigorously denounced the Jews. This was a mistake, because Mr. Lederer’s father was a Jew, and Mr. Lederer was known for his remarkable ability to get revenge on people who made him angry. The British woman had a cabinet in her home, on top of which a very expensive vase was displayed. Mr. Lederer stood by the cabinet and asked, “What do you have against the Jews?” The British woman insincerely replied, “Why, I have nothing against the Jews.” Mr. Lederer then smashed the very expensive vase and said, “You have now.”

• Sometimes people who believe in racial stereotypes make themselves look like the fools they are. Once, James “Jimmy” Wong Howe, a famous Hollywood cinematographer, was preparing for the opening of a Chinese restaurant he had invested in. He noticed a news photographer trying to take a shot of the new restaurant despite being in danger of being run over because he was standing in the street. Mr. Howe told the photographer, “If you snap on a wide-angle lens, you can move the camera up on the sidewalk.” The photographer looked up at Mr. Wong and said, “Look, Chinaman, let me take the pictures and you go cook your noodles.”

• Groucho Marx and his wife looked for a beach club where their children could enjoy the ocean. However, Groucho was Jewish at a time when many clubs would not allow Jews to be members. When Groucho applied to become a member of a beach club, the manager said, “I don’t know if you are aware of this, but we have a very restricted clientele here.” Groucho knew that “restricted clientele” meant “no Jews allowed,” so he mocked prejudice by telling the manager, “Look, Mister, I am Jewish. My wife is not Jewish. That means my kids are only half Jewish. Can’t they go into the water up to their knees?”


Copyright by Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved


The Funniest People in Movies — Buy

The Funniest People in Movies — Buy The Paperback

The Funniest People in Movies — Kindle

The Funniest People in Movies — Apple

The Funniest People in Movies — Barnes and Noble

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The Funniest People in Movies — Smashwords: Many formats, Including PDF

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Music Recommendation: Cara Lee Coleman — “Black Mountain”


Music: “Black Mountain”


Artist: Cara Lee Coleman

Artist Location: St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Info: Cara Lee Coleman is a self-produced recording artist living in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada.”


Price: $1 (CAN) for track; Name Your Price (Includes FREE) for 20-track album

Genre: Pop




Cara Lee Coleman on Bandcamp


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David Bruce: The Funniest People in Movies — Politics, Practical Jokes


• When Michael Moore, director of Roger and Me, was in high school, the voting age was lowered to 18, so he called up the county clerk and asked, “Uh, I’m gonna be eighteen in a few weeks. If I can vote, does that mean I can also run for office?” It did, so he ran for school board on this platform: “Fire the high school principal and the assistant principal!” Of course, the adults got upset, so five of them ran against him. They split the anti-Michael vote, and young Michael was elected. The day after his political victory, he walked down the school hallway, with his shirt tail hanging out, and the principal said to him, “Good morning, Mr. Moore.” Why did the principal call this high school student “Mr.”? Because the high school student was now his boss.

• Robert Redford starred in The Candidate, a movie about a naive man running for the U.S. Senate without any idea of what he would do if he won the election. Instead of paying extras, the movie crew handed out to passersby political posters with Mr. Redford’s face on them. When a crowd gathered, Mr. Redford appeared and acted. Sometimes people thought he was really running for office and so they would ask him questions. Someone once asked him, “What about Welfare?” Mr. Redford replied, “Beats me.”

• Groucho Marx once went on a goodwill tour to Mexico at a time when that country was politically unstable and its President changed frequently. After being told that his goodwill group would meet with the Mexican President the next day, Groucho asked, “What assurance have I got that he’ll still be President by four o’clock tomorrow afternoon?”

Practical Jokes

• Andre the Giant, who played Fezzik in the movie version of The Princess Bride by William Goldman, once was wrestling in Mexico while Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the audience. After winning the wrestling match, Andre gestured for Mr. Schwarzenegger to join him in the ring, then as the fans cheered and shouted, he told Mr. Schwarzenegger that he spoke Spanish and the fans were shouting for him to take his shirt off and strike some bodybuilding poses. Mr. Schwarzenegger happily obliged, then discovered later that Andre had been putting him on — the fans had NOT been shouting for him to take his shirt off and strike some bodybuilding poses.

• Some practical jokes played on cartoonists found their way into actual cartoons. For example, Tex Avery, the man who created Bugs Bunny’s personality, remembers a boy who worked in the mail room playing a practical joke on cartoon gagmen Friz Freleng and Tedd Pierce. The mail boy created a fake firecracker out of cardboard, painted it red and put a fuse on it, then he lit the fuse and threw the fake firecracker into the gag writers’ room. Of course, they scattered, but nothing happened. The next time the mail boy threw something into the room, they remained seated and ignored it — of course, this time, the mail boy had thrown a real firecracker.

• In 1952, Tex Avery created one of his most memorable gags in the cartoon “Magical Maestro.” In the cartoon, a hair appeared to get caught in the projector and so was projected on screen. However, the cartoon character Poochini eventually notices the hair, stops singing, and removes the hair from the screen. This gag fooled many employees who ran the projectors. Some complained to MGM, which ordered that each film can containing the cartoon be labeled with a warning telling employees to ignore the hair, as it was part of the cartoon.


Copyright by Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved


The Funniest People in Movies — Buy

The Funniest People in Movies — Buy The Paperback

The Funniest People in Movies — Kindle

The Funniest People in Movies — Apple

The Funniest People in Movies — Barnes and Noble

The Funniest People in Movies — Kobo

The Funniest People in Movies — Smashwords: Many formats, Including PDF

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