Music Recommendation: Católicos Sin Complejos — “Blues Instrumental”


Music: “Blues Instrumental” from the album TORREJÓN DE ARDOZ

Artist: Católicos Sin Complejos

Artist Location: Guadalajara, Spain

Info: “Grupo de Rock & Blues Cristiano Catolico de Guadalajara. C.S.C. van dando guerra e intentando llevar la paz y el mensaje del Maestro allá donde Él quiera llevarles y hasta cuando Él quiera, que para eso se creó este grupo.” — Católicos Sin Complejos

Translated by Google Translate: “Rock & Blues Group Cristiano Catolico de Guadalajara. C.S.C. they are waging war and trying to bring peace and the message of the Master wherever He wants to take them and as long as He wants, that this group was created for that.”

This group has other FREE music on Bandcamp.

Price: FREE download; you can’t pay for it even if you want to

Genre: Blues Instrumental with some Spanish language


Católicos Sin Complejos on Bandcamp


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