Music Recommendation: Kostis Sotiropoulos — “Blues Rocker”


Music: “Blues Rocker” from the album BLUES ROCKER

Artist: Kostis Sotiropoulos

Artist Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Info: “Hi, I’m Kostis. I’m a guitar player and record producer from Thessaloniki, Greece. I’ve been heavily involved in the world of music for the last 20+ years and have taken the heat from both sides of the glass: as a player and as a producer. I have been a member of many bands and produced many others. 2016 saw the first releases under my own name. “Too Dumb To Quit” is the latest. Hope you like it!!”

Price: €1 EURO (approximately $1.15 [USD]) for song; €7 EURO (approximately $8.05 [USD]) for nine-track album

If you are OK with paying for it, you can use PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD.

Genre: Blues Rock

Kostis Sotiropoulos on Bandcamp

BLUES ROCKER on Bandcamp

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