To me

t r e f o l o g y


A man is never standing so tall as when he

when he is standing on stilts, and never looks so

ridiculous as when he is wearing those long stilt pants.

TO ME: He who lives by the sword may be occasionally

asked to pick-up the sword’s mail. TO ME: Real beauty

comes from with-in, and it slowly eats away at your

insides, until it escapes & attacks your family. TO ME:

Fashion-wise, a pith helmet is easier to pull off if

you have a gap between your teeth. TO ME: Anyone who

has ever claimed that sound cannot exist in a vacuum

has tried to sleep past nine a.m. at a motel. TO ME:

All pop music written after the song “green-sleeves” sucks.

TO ME: We will probably never know how many

dyslexic hippies joined the LDS church by accident.

TO ME: You can always 

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