Winter Sun

I like this.

The Cheesesellers Wife

The sky is empty
pale winter blue
a single bar of cloud
hovers over the western horizon
and, as I drive
the sun dips behind it
the edges of the cloud glow silver.
The strong beauty almost takes me off the road

Copyright © 2016  Kim Whysall-Hammond

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is this what you wanted (apologies to leonard)

unbolt me

i went walking in the midst of loud appeals
to the better drone of my nature
and promises forcefed to be made anew
in a yonder framed for the chosen few

who’d have known what the future would hold
been naïve enough to believe again
what once was a cradled, spotless bloom
now a weight of years fills the foom

trump still lives yet cohen’s dead
fascism’s risen, your god is bled
now peel back my skin and bruise me within, why don’t ya
trump still lives yet carrie’s dead
iceland’s too warm and the oceans are red
now peel back my skin and rub the salt in, hallelujah

the diamonds got all unearthed down here
the stars up there all got pretty scanty
was god just a man with a beard and a view
where did the dinosaurs all vanish to

yeah, something about this rain makes me…

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davidbrucehaiku: wine





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