Good Hair

Poetic Justice

What is good hair?

Certainly I don’t have it

My sister’s implants of plastic

Had turned her to beauty addict

But what is beauty?

Ducking what I call natural

If mama made me this way

Then I guess I’m a nappy scoundrel

I picked it out

Cut it and combed it straight

Tell me who can relate

It’s pointless to fight my fate

We all different

But my hair it never listened

It dont care for recognition


Its aura glistens

Black and beautiful

Some would deem it removable

Curly and irrefutable

Surly a fade is doable

But it’s still growin


My wisdom flowin

Some haters think they all knowin

I laugh till they faces showin

I was never enslaved

By social norms

I praise it when i perform

And save it so I transform

Plus rastaman

Is half of my DNA

My heritage makes me say

Just love…

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